Dear Prime Minister,

As a Bible-Believer, I stand with Israel.  I want you and the people of Israel to know that I reject the false equivalence that blames Israel for actions taken in self-defense.  I support fully whatever steps are necessary to bring peace and safety to the Jewish people, and I urge you to reject the voices of those who call for Israel to take half-measures in pursuit of security.

Hamas is a radical terrorist organization, no different in approach and tactics from Al Qaeda, the Islamic State, or Boko Haram.  I firmly believe that Israel is fighting a battle against these terrorist groups on behalf of me, my family and my country, and I stand with you in the fight.

I am praying daily for the peace of Jerusalem as the Scripture commands.  I pray for you that God will give you strength, wisdom and courage for the many challenges of the office you face.  I pray for your people that they will be protected from the evil plots to do them harm.  I pray that Israel will continue to survive and prosper.  May God bless you and the people He has called you to lead.

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Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

We Will Stand With ISRAEL

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"I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse." - Genesis 12:3

Dr. Mike Evans has been a personal friend of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for more than thirty years.  

Show your support for Prime Minister Netanyahu as he faces tremendous pressure to compromise Israel’s security. Dr. Evans will take your name with him and present it to the Prime Minister.

The goal of The Jerusalem Prayer Team is to enlist 1 million people in America to pray daily and 100,000 houses of worship praying weekly for the peace of Jerusalem.

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